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Travel with a smile!

Don’t let your smile ever leave you. Smile and enjoy your stay in our beautiful country Venezuela, while we solve your dental problems. 

Have you ever considered combining your vacation with a visit to the dentist? I bet that answer is a resounding “no?!” Why not visit us and combine your visit to us in Caracas with the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, the jungles of the Amazon, the wetlands of the Llanos or the tallest waterfall in the world (Angel Falls) in Canaima’s National Park. 

Make your smile part of this adventure, come visit us and forget about those high costs in dentistry, save up to 60{c6126b2f7d9f2c48259456f4c927babf9f0cd09a67b0985bc0c81b21376f6b9a} on the cost of your oral health, while enjoying a vacation that you will never forget. 

 Tour operators comments

“Venezuela has a dearth of talent in the medical field – doctors, surgeons, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons and ondontologists. Over the years we have been approached by a number of these professionals to bring them patients, especially for the plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and ondontologists.

 I personally had a lot of teeth issues and visited on a regular basis my friendly ondontologist and the experience I am pleased t
o say was a good one with great results at a highly reasonable price when compared to places like the US and Europe.

So after a couple of my close friends visited from New York and Chicago I sent then to see the dentist on the “time off” from taking tours. They were full of praise and suggested we help others to enjoy this service.

Indeed one of those friends Antonio (as seen smiling in this picture) had signed up for one of our Angel Falls Expeditions and got a little more than he expected out of the trip! A new smile!

When he arrived in Caracas he told us that he had serious dental problems so we whisked him off quickly to visit my local, English speaking dentist, for scans and a checkup only to reveal a mouthful of sins! It wasn’t a pretty sight at all!Antonio

Oscar and his team of professionals got to work immediately and carved out some time for him in their schedules before and after the trip to Canaima National Park and Antonio left the country some days after with a smile that said it all and the knowledge that he had saved a ton of money in the process.

He compared the pricing with what he had paid in the past in New York and what he was expected to pay for future treatment and realized a savings of around 60{c6126b2f7d9f2c48259456f4c927babf9f0cd09a67b0985bc0c81b21376f6b9a}. He does have to plan a second visit in a few months but so be it – even with the international airfare significant savings will be had and his complicated treatment of crowns, extractions and bridges will be complete.

This is the start of a new program for our small tourism business – at least allow a few days and get a checkup (plus simple treatment) before your journey elsewhere in the country and a few after for extra treatment should that be necessary. It can more than pay for your holiday! 

We can arrange everything for you with the exception sadly of international flights but from airport pick up and assistance, plus comfortable accommodations in Caracas and personal service all the way. 

Then of course, there’s an added bonus, the country’s vast wealth of national parks, beaches and jungles – in short full of nature trips and our personalized adventure / ecotours galore. Let Angel-Eco Tours take care of you.

Ondontologist’s CommentConsultation

Simply arrange with a local dentist where you live to have a full digital scan made of your teeth and send via email and we will give you a quotation by return and then have Angel-Eco Tours arrange some excursions for you. We can handle routine work, such X-rays, cavities and root canals to more complex work such as prosthesis, implants, bridges and much more, at a very competitive price.

“The President of Angel-Eco has become a good friend and he came to us with a lot of teeth issues – initially he told me he was somewhat scared of dentists so we had the other challenge of making him comfortable with his visits to us which were many. I think we achieved that and now he has a smile to go with it!”

Oscar Macia 

Ondontologist – Caracas, Venezuela

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