• Experience the cultural diversity of Venezuela Taurapane children in Purpurken, Canaima National Park
  • Ghost Canyon & Aicha Falls The Ultimate Canaima National Park Hiking Expedition
  • Angel Falls & Roraima Angel Falls Expedition & Roraima Trek, Canaima National Park
  • Auyántepui - Devil's Mountain Table top trekking in Canaima National Park
  • Angel Falls Canaima National Park Expeditions
  • Waraira Repano National Park El Ávila Mountain Range, Caracas
  • Páramos, The Andes Trekking the Andean Region
  • Mérida The Ultimate Andean Trek


Coronavirus Update

Dear friends, naturally all of our wonderful destinations in South America  are on hold right now (Spring 2020) until this pandemic – this dreaded Coronavirus has passed. Obviously there are no flights presently, that we are aware of, in and out of Venezuela but as soon as we can resume business we will be announcing new departure dates to our destinations.

In the meantime please feel free to follow us on Angel-Eco‘s Facebook page where some of our last and fairly recent trips were posted as well as our Facebook pages for the foundations we support – Angel Conservation Corporation and Fundación Etnika.

In the meantime please stay safe wherever you may be.



Announcing two spectacular new South American products. Combine some serious icons of Colombia / Bolivia (15 days) or of Colombia / Venezuela (13 days).

Colombia / Bolivia – The Lost City, located in The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia), the Salar de Uyuni (the Incredible Salt Flats of Bolivia) and Lake Titicaca (Bolivia) – a 15 day combined tour.​​ ​

Colombia / Venezuela – The Lost City, located in The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia), and Canaima National Park in the heart of Venezuela – the home to the tallest waterfall in the world “Angel Falls” standing at 979 metres high (3,212 feet) – a 13 day combined tour.

Our web site is currently being updated so should you require more information please contact us directly.

Angel-Eco Tours

Leave Behind More Than Just Footprints Contribute To A Legacy of Preservation And Conservation

Angel-Eco Tours’ motto is built on the foundations of the International Ecotourism Societies’ model of true sustainable and ecotourism principles.

Angel-Eco has created this new web site for trekkers and hikers in order to highlight and focus on trekking / hiking tours that we offer in Venezuela. Places often off the beaten track, such as deep in the heart of Canaima National Park or even in the mountain ranges of Mérida (the eastern most part of the Andes). There is so much to see and depending upon your group we feel confident that our organization can arrange an itinerary that you will be extremely satisfied with. Venezuela was and will be a “world class” destination once more, of that I have no doubt.

We really believe in helping the communities that we visit and so were directly involved in the setting up of two not for profits www.angel-conservation.org and www.fundacionetnika.org in order to do our part.

During the past 20 or so years of being in business so many of our trips – whether long or short programs, have provided something to help the communities of Canaima National Park especially, as well as the Amazonas. In fact, folks often help us to assist the indigenous folks even without visiting. I think that is a credit to the work we do.

This message is from Paul Graham Stanley the President of Angel-Eco Tours – an ecotourism / sustainable tourism company that has been in business for over 20 years now.


Experience Venezuela

Experience the cultural diversity of Venezuela

Venezuela has a rich cultural heritage, which boasts no fewer than 31 Indigenous tribes. The Pemón of Canaima National Park, the Warao of Delta Orinoco and the Piaroa of the Amazonas – just but a few of the indigenous communities that one can visit with your hosts at Angel-Eco Tours.

Of course there is more to the Venezuelan culture than just the indigenous tribes, the many different peoples that have made it home have had their influence on Venezuela. It has its own distinctive architecture, art, literature and music.

The country’s music combines Spanish, African and native rhythms. The national dance is the joropo, which features vocals, guitars, maracas and harp. Along the coast there is a strong African influence where the locals dance the sensual tambora to powerful drum rhythms and in Zulia state “gaita” is the popular style. You could experience it all with Angel-Eco Tours.

Experience the bio-diversity of Venezuela

Few destinations on earth can boast the geographic and cultural diversity of Venezuela. On your adventure vacation with Angel-Eco Tours, your senses will be flooded with the sights and sounds of unspoiled natural wonders, table top mountains, vast wetlands and rainforests, glorious long sandy beaches and the crystal blue waters of secluded Caribbean islands. Whether you are interested in hiking, trekking or other adventures such as kayaking, wildlife photography, bird watching, scuba diving or simply meeting Venezuela’s native peoples, Angel-Eco Tours can make your adventure dream a reality.

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