Pemón Community Statement.

For many years a number of us, all “individuals” from the valley of Kamarata all with our own identities and agendas have been running tours to different locations on Auyántepui. We feel that now is the time to take control of our own destiny and that of our sacred mountain and reach out to the world.

Why now? Well, other operators and guides from different locations on the map have been somewhat responsible for our decision – on many occasions people have heard about trekking to Auyántepui and have searched for information – they’ve often ended up with groups / rogue guides that have been ill prepared and simply do not know our mountain in our own backyard, so to speak! They’ve often left rubbish, gone off the beaten tracks, gotten lost and even abandoned their clients / travelers on the mountain top when they’ve had health issues or accidents even. So it’s time for us to step up and take ownership of our own lands, pool our valuable resources and take charge.

So here it is, we are presently creating our own simple web site, of which we, as Kamarakotos (one of three Pemón tribes – see will be proud of. Furthermore, we would like to thank our good friend and honorary Kamarakoto for his help and guidance as an expert in ecotourism – Paul Stanley of Angel-Eco Tours – who has been working in our community since the year 2000.

Our mission is simply to provide a better and more secure experience for our adventurers and provide local expert guides, porters and group leaders (some who speak English and others who speak Spanish too) with many years of experience in climbing to, from and on the summit.