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Wairara Repano / El Ávila National Park – Caracas

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Waraira Repano is derived from an indigenous name for the area, it protects part of the Cordillera de la Costa Central mountain range, in the coastal region of central-northern Venezuela. El Ávila National Park.. read more

New Excursions / Expeditions

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Angel-Eco Tours customizes ecotrips and adventure packages throughout Venezuela, specializing in trips to Angel Falls and to Canaima National Park. However, more sample itineraries and destinations have been added to.. read more

Travel with a smile

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Angel-Eco Tours is excited to announce a new program with a difference… “Health & Wellness”. As well as coming to visit the natural beauty, experience the country’s culture and wonderful.. read more

Looking for Paradise

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This article was originally published in Dstripped Magazine, October 2011 by JC Davies People who date people of other races and cultures tend to be risk takers. Not the sky-dive-without-a-parachute.. read more

ESTC Conference, Bonito, Brazil 2014

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Angel-Eco Tours’ President represented Venezuela and Canaima National Park as a speaker at the International Ecotourism Society’s Conference in Bonito, Brazil this last April. See the link for the speakers.. read more

High On Angel Falls

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Published: March 13, 2004 Travel Section of the Calgary Herald Read the article.

UP: British photographer inspiration for Disney Pixar movie

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Disney Pixar’s latest animated film UP was inspired by work by British photographer Adrian Warren, it has emerged. When Mr Warren made a documentary film about the rainforest mountains of.. read more

Website Update

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As of May 2019 Angel-Eco’s web site has been updated with more dynamic information such as National Park details as well as more trips and itineraries. Photographs are being downloaded.. read more

The House of the Devil

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Angel Falls & Jimmie Angel By Karen Angel Karen Angel is the niece of Jimmie Angel and President of the Jimmie Angel Historical Project (JAHP). The JAHP’s mission is to.. read more

Tribute to Jimmie Angel. The overland route by Ruth Robertson to Angel Falls

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Special Expedition | 8 days / 7 nights June 27 to July 4, 2015 Join Karen Angel (niece of Jimmie Angel) and Paul Stanley (President, Angel-Eco Tours) on a special.. read more