Waraira Repano / El Ávila National Park – Caracas.

El Ávila, Caracas

Waraira Repano is derived from an indigenous name for the area, it protects part of the Cordillera de la Costa Central mountain range, in the coastal region of central-northern Venezuela.

El Ávila National Park (Waraira Repano National Park) is located along the central section of the Cordillera de la Costa mountain system, in the Cordillera de la Costa Central mountain range. The area’s highest elevation is Pico Naiguatá, at 2,765 meters (9,072 ft) above sea level.

Waraira Repano’s highest peaks and the most popular peaks for hiking are El Avila (2,150 meters), Pico Naiguatá at 2,765 meters, and Pico Oriental 2,640 meters although there are others.

Join the newest tours in our repertoire, you will be pleasantly surprised how beautiful and rewarding these experiences can be, right on the back doorstep of Caracas, so to speak.

Trip Summary
When to go

All year round.


Prices vary from the length of trek / hike. Prices available on request.


1-3 nights


Medium to challenging.


At the summit - overnight in tents but posadas are available in Galipan, a small area on the sea side of the Ávila range.

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