Angel Falls Expedition and Roraima Trek.

Canaima National Park

Imagine this…

Angel Falls ● Churún Vena ● Salto Angel is the world’s tallest waterfall at 3,212 feet (790 meters). Photo Credit: Karen Angel, 3 July 2012

 Angel Falls ● Churún Vena ● Salto   Angel is the world’s tallest waterfall at   3,212 feet (979 metres). Photo Credit:   Karen Angel, 3 July 2012

Visit two of the icons of Venezuela in one trip. Fly in a small plane over the tepuis (table top mountains) they total 116 in the park and imagine yourself retracing the steps of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his famous book (and film) “The Lost World”.  A magical place full of mystical energy and legends….

Visit Canaima lagoon with its seven waterfalls gushing into it and walk behind one of them – a raw roaring curtain of water – an absolute adrenaline rush and an experience not to be missed. Take a curiara, motorized dugout canoe, on the rain forest lined Carrao River to Devils Canyon and then the Churun River to Angel Falls. It’s easy to imagine why the Pemón never looked up at the spirits in the rocks in fear of reprisal in the early days; especially at the rock formation they call “The Devils Horns”. Your hammock awaits right in front of the falls a short hike away.

Combine this soft trek with an active trekking experience, a six day trek to the top of the tepui that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel the “Lost World” itself, Roraima, bordering Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. An incredible experience and one of the most popular tours in our portfolio – the views from the tabletop are simply incredible, couple this with the indigenous flora and fauna it makes this a once in a life time experience.

Making the Angel Falls Expedition and Roraima Trek a Reality

Let Angel-Eco Tours be your guide on this nine day trip in Canaima National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage Site the sixth largest national park in the world and the home to the three indigenous tribes of Pemón, the Kamarakotos, Taurepánes and Arekunas.

Visit two of Venezuela’s icons on a nine day tour – Angel Falls and Roraima. Your expeditions will include a curiara ride on Canaima Lagoon with its seven waterfalls, a walk behind one of the waterfalls in Canaima, an exciting river trip and hike to the base of Angel Falls, an overnight in hammocks in front of the falls complimented by a trek to the summit of Roraima on the border of Brazil and Venezuela. On both expeditions all transport by land and air are covered, as are accommodations and most meals – you will be guided along the way by guides from the local indigenous people the Pemón for a cultural immersion.

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Combine this exciting tour with a beach or island destination perhaps to relax a while before your final departure. Maybe take in Margarita Island or Los Roques for a few days?

Trip Summary
When to go

Guided tours run year-round although the dry season may be the best time to visit Roraima – do check when enquiring about dates for departure dates. Tours run year-round. Of course, our itinerary is completely customizable to suit your adventure goals.


Prices upon request. Please note there will be National Park Fees to pay in Canaima and Santa Elena de Uairén. Includes all meals except breakfast on days 1 & 4 and dinner on days 3 & 9. All camping gear for Roraima trek included as well as English speaking guides. INSURANCE IS A MUST. Available through Angel-Eco Tours’ web site. From $325 per person based upon a minimum of four travelers from Puerto Ordaz or Maturin. Gratuities are not included. Check group rates at time of booking. The price includes boat and jungle tours, all meals and lodging.


9 days / 8 nights from Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz 2 days /1 night OR 3 days/ 2 nights


Angel Falls Expedition has one stiff hike to the base of the falls otherwise it’s a pretty soft program – on the other hand one should be fit for the Roraima Trek. Relaxed – paced tour includes some walking, river travel in canoes, and optional swimming.


Various; beds, hammocks and tents featured. You will be staying in comfortable wooden cabins that have running water, toilets and showers. Some cabins have queen-size beds. Hammocks are available upon request.

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