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Designed by travelers for travelers

World Nomads is specially designed to be unlike any other type of travel insurance. We designed our services to be 100% online. No paper or fax. Just help yourself to everything from your nearest internet cafe while you are still away! Please give a few seconds for the form to download below.

More Flexibility. Better Service.

Many of us head off with the intention of just going to the destination of our dreams, but then meet others along the way and decide to go with them to somewhere else. Such changes of plan are very common, and the simplest option is to get a worldwide policy from the outset, as it obviously offers the greatest flexibility at little extra cost.

You can purchase a World Nomads policy from almost anywhere; you don’t have to be in your original country of residence.

While some other insurers allow you to extend your policy while you are away, World Nomads allows you to do so indefinitely. And unlike other insurers, you don’t have to rely on dodgy Bolivian fax machines as we are the only travel insurer to allow you to do it all yourself online.

So you can buy enough to set off, say three months, and then just keep extending it. You can extend your policy as many times as your like. Indefinitely. There is no maximum duration with World Nomads. 2 weeks? 2 years? 5 years? Easy.

You can also make your claims online while you are still away, without waiting to get home first.

Extreme Adventures

A flexible policy really pays off when it comes to hazardous activities. Among other activities World Nomads covers you for:

  • Motor Cycle Riding, provided you have a license that is valid in the relevant country. You are even automatically covered as a pillion passenger.
  • Surfing. Your equipment is not covered whilst it is in use, however it is covered whilst it is in your room for example.
  • Underwater Diving, provided you hold an open water diving license or you were diving under licensed instruction.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding. Your equipment is not covered whilst it is in use, however it is covered whilst it is in your room for example.
  • Trekking and Hiking, provided you do not need to use support ropes.

Costly Emergency Medical or Evacuation

Medical expenses account for the largest proportion of claims made by travelers. While it’s obviously essential to have insurance if you are going to do something hazardous such as white-water rafting, most medical claims are actually for everyday illnesses rather than major accidents. Between 20 and 25 per cent of all travelers are struck down with travelers’ diarrhea. In many cases, this can be treated with simple medication but it is not unusual for people to be hospitalized.

An online travel insurance company you can trust

We recognize that if you do have an accident while you are away, you need the confidence that you will be looked after. There is no point in having low cost travel insurance if you can’t trust it when you really need it. That is why World Nomads travel insurance is underwritten by Allianz and backed by the Mondial Assistance Group, the largest and most successful assistance organization in the world.

Money Back Guarantee

Changed your mind? No worries. Our simple 14-day money back guarantee allows you to cancel your policy anytime within the first 14 days, if you haven’t left or made any sort of claim. Just log on to the site and cancel the policy yourself, and we’ll give you a refund. Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions
 The following are the top 5 frequently asked questions about World Nomads Travel Insurance.

  1. Why is World Nomads so much cheaper than other travel insurance quotes?
    World Nomads is only available over the internet, making us one of the cheapest travel insurance products online. The price reflects the costs savings and efficiencies of the internet – much the same way books and music are priced lower over the internet. World Nomads policy cover also means that you aren’t paying for cover that you don’t need – like hire car cover – and this is also reflected in the price.
  2. Can I purchase a policy if I have already left home?
    Yes, you can purchase a World Nomads policy even if you have already left on your travels.
  3. Can I make a claim while I am away?
    Yes, of course! As backpackers we acknowledge the fact that you will be away for extended periods and our online claims system, the first in the world for travel insurance, allows to submit and review claims while you are still traveling.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of times I can extend my policy?
    No, you can extend your World Nomads travel insurance policy as many times as you like, but you can’t extend your cover if your policy has expired. Once your period of cover has expired and you wish to buy another period of cover, you will have to buy a new policy and be issued with a new policy number.
  5. Does my policy provide 24hr Emergency Assistance insurance?
    Yes, it is provided by Worldcare Assistance – a world leader in 24hr Emergency Assistance.
    Call toll free on +800 9392 9392 from anywhere in the world at any time 24/7.