A Plant Hunter’s Paradise by Karen Angel.

Survey of the plants seen in Canaima etc.

A Plant Hunter’s Paradise – Angel Falls and Auyántepui focuses on the botanical aspects of the 28 June to 6 July 2012 “Tribute to Jimmie Angel Expedition” to Auyántepui and Angel Falls/Churún Vena/Salto Angel in Canaima National Park, State of Bolívar, Venezuela. The expedition was organized by Paul Graham Stanley of Angel-Eco Tours, Caracas, Venezuela and Karen Angel of the Jimmie Angel Historical Project, Eureka, California, U.S.A.

This photo essay is a brief survey of the plants seen in Canaima National Park, Caracas and Ciudad Bolívar and is not intended to be inclusive. The sections titled Native Venezuela Botanicals (pages 13-21) and Botanicals Consumed and a few Zoological Specimens (pages 22-33) were identified by Venezuelans Jorge M. Gonzalez, an entomologist, in consultation with his botanist colleagues Balentina Milano, Angel Fernandez and Francisco Delascio. In a few cases, the photographs provided to the scientists were insufficient for a definitive identification; in these cases the identifications are “informed” based on insufficient information.

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