Forgotten Expedition.

Ruth Robertson’s “Forgotten Expedition” to Angel Falls

Best time to visit is the Rainy Season (May thru’ Nov.)

Special Departure Dates • 6 days

Imagine this… spurting from a cliff more than half a mile high in the jungle fastnesses of eastern Venezuela is Angel Falls, world’s highest waterfall, 15 times higher than Niagara Falls or, by another yardstick, more than twice the height of the Empire State Building. Its first drop is 2,648 feet; its total 3,212.

“I saw it the first time from the co-pilot’s seat of an old unconverted C-47 just two years ago as we flew over this weirdly beautiful high jungle between the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers. On that flight to Auyántepui, so called Devil Mountain, I shot more than a dozen Kodachromes in the dead-end of Angel Falls’ canyon. As we flew over the dense jungle floor of the canyon, I resolved someday to enter that canyon valley on foot to get photographs from the base of Angel Falls and to determine its exact height.” Ruth Robertson – May 1949

This trip is a special program with specialist guest tour leaders that will relate the full Ruth Robertson experience, reading from extracts from her diary and memoirs as we follow her route all the way to Angel Falls. Special dates will be published for this expedition (May-Dec). For Ruth, her epic expedition started in Caracas on April 23rd 1949, she reached Angel Falls on May 11th 1949 and Mayupa Rapids on May 17th. Our expedition will take only six days!

Read the detailed itinerary.

 min 4 people – max 16 people
 Specialized tour leader, all meals / services as listed in the program.
 National airport taxes – national park fees – alcoholic beverages and some soft drinks. Tips are not included but much encouraged.


      PLEASE NOTE: Airport assistance, transfers and hotel accommodations are available in Caracas for first, and / or last nights.

Project Kamarakoto

A portion of the revenues of this expedition are donated to the community of Kamarata through Angel Conservation a not for profit 501 (c)(3). For more information visit

Trip Summary
When to go

Tours run year-round, weekly, departing most days from Caracas. Depending on the size of your group departure dates can be arranged to meet your schedule. Itineraries are determined by river levels and other local conditions. Of course, our itinerary is completely customizable to suit your adventure goals.


Available upon request - but a minimum group of 4-6 people are required in order to complete the trip to Angel falls. Gratuities are not included. Check group rates at the time of booking. The tour runs year round. Exact itineraries are determined by your preferences, water levels and local conditions. For instance during the dry season it may not be possible to reach the Falls by river. The price includes food and lodging.


6 days / 5 nights – not including overnights elsewhere such as Caracas.


Moderate - paced touring includes walking, swimming, hiking and river travel curiaras (large dugout canoes).


At most locations in Canaima National Park, you will be staying in traditional palm-thatched huts called churuatas, which are equipped with comfortable hammocks, beds and en-suite toilets and showers. More rustic accommodations are used while en route to Kamadak and Angel Falls. You will be sleeping in hammocks and bathing in the river.

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