Venezuela – The Ultimate Wildlife Adventure.

The Ultimate Venezuelan Wildlife Adventure

Angel-Eco Tours have designed a trip that will ensure the best viewing experience of wildlife throughout Venezuela starting in the north east and finishing in the west. Not only will you experience the exotic wildlife, including some endangered species such as the Harpy Eagle and the Orinoco Crocodile, you will also get a feel for this beautiful country with its beaches, rainforests, jungles, plains, mountains and lush farmlands – not to mention the friendly people along the way that will welcome you with open arms.

We can even start the trip with a professional photography course at a beautiful location on the Caracas boundaries where Bill Phelps, namely William Henry Phelps Jr. and his wife Kathy, both leading environmentalists, authors and ornithologists lived and worked for some years.

Our tour is well thought out and we can virtually guarantee all sightings – we just need 4 or more to sign up.

To the northeast – starting in Caracas we will take you to Topotepuy just outside the city boundary for a tour and photography course there you will see many types of humming birds – posing for your picture! We hope that this will prepare you to take stunning photos of your experiences to come.

Continuing our journey we will visit Mochima National Park where will see dolphins and visit some of the local beaches, then on to El Guácharo Cave in Cueva del Guácharo National Park to see the fascinating Oil Birds (El Guácharo) that live in the darkness.

Next on the agenda is the Orinoco Delta where will search for freshwater river dolphins and fish for Red and Grey Piranhas. The Orinoco is full of wildlife such as Capuchin and Howler monkeys, Aracari (related to the toucan family), toucans, macaws, parrots (a number of different species) and many other exotic birds and animals.

We will cap our trip to the northeast with a once in a lifetime visit to that even the avid birdwatcher would really enjoy, a trip into the huge forest reserve of Imataca to visit perhaps what is the largest bird of prey in the world, the Harpy Eagle. This area is not limited to the Harpy, there are fork tailed eagles and hundreds of other bird species and abundant animal life in this region – even jaguars have been seen.

The Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Orinoco (by film-maker Fergus Beeley; originally aired on BBC Two; 58 minutes) – 

Here is another link that may be of interest:

You can end your trip here or journey to the western and central region of the country or take a side trip of course to see Angel Falls the world’s highest waterfall in Canaima National Park.

To the Andes we go now and the elusive Cock of the Rock and the Andean Condor await us.

Then finally on to the wetlands – the Llanos – where there is an incredible array of fauna – ant eaters, anacondas (in the dry season – Jan thru’ April), Orinoco Crocodile, Caiman, the Orinoco Geese that nest in trees, Capybara, deer, Burrowing Owls, Jaribu Stork, Ospreys and literally hundreds of species of birds – occasionally too we have seen jaguars too but these are very rare sightings.

If you do not have the time – a full 14 days or so – we can break this down into a trip to the northeast or to the west depending upon your schedule and wishes and even make an excursion of 3-4 days just to see the Harpy Eagle and explore the local rainforest and surroundings. The same goes for the Llanos.

Remember also the iconic Angel Falls three days or more extra will allow you to explore that too. So many choices so little time!!!! Although I hope not…….

Sound enticing – sign up now, our experienced nature guides are waiting for you! All itineraries are customised to your needs.

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