Orinoco Delta Trip Detail.

  • Day 1: Caracas – Maturín – Orinoco Delta
    Early morning flight from Caracas, Porlamar or Canaima National Park to Maturin, where we start our tour. We travel by road to the Morichal Largo River, and then by water-taxi to the lodge. The lodge is located in the middle of dense rainforest, on one of the many tributaries of the Orinoco river.

    From the comfort of your water taxi you can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna – water hyacinth, pink dolphins, giant river otters, anacondas, and sideneck turtles. Along the riverbanks you will see Indigenous communities with their unique raised dwellings (palafitos), built over the river’s edge. Upon arrival at the lodge you will be shown to your private cabins, and afforded some time to relax before lunch and your first excursion.

    After lunch we again take to the river to observe the plant and wildlife along the riverbanks. We are likely to see spectacled caiman, capuchin and red howler monkeys, various snakes, hummingbirds, kingfishers and many other species of birds. Your Warao guide will select a section of surrounding virgin jungle, into which we will make a short a walk. You will experience their wild, natural habitat first-hand. Once under the canopy, your guide will point out edible plants which you will get a chance to taste.

    Next we travel to a Warao community and visit them in their palafitos. Your guide will explain about Warao culture, and the flow of the community’s daily life – a truly fascinating experience. Here we will have an opportunity to meet some of their craftsmen, and inspect some of their workmanship, first-hand.

    Upon returning to lodge we will be greeted with a welcome libation. It’s time to relax before dinner; if you wish, you may take a swim in the river by the lodge, or just sit and observe one of the fabulous delta sunsets.

    After a delicious dinner you will have the option of taking a nighttime excursion by boat to view some of the region’s nocturnal inhabitants – in the treetops and along the riverbanks. Or perhaps you will just want turn in for a night of deep, jungle sleep.

  • Day 2/3: Orinoco Delta – Ciudad Bolivar, Caracas, Canaima or Margarita Island
    We rise early to enjoy the sunrise from onboard a canoe in one of the river’s many tributaries. Dawn in this jungle is like no other experience. The sound of the wildlife stirring to life can burgeon into a wild, exotic cacophony. It is prime-time for viewing capuchin monkeys as they romp in the canopy, feasting on a breakfast of leaves.

    We return to the lodge for breakfast, then take to the boats again – this time for a little piranha fishing.

    After lunch we travel by river one last time to rejoin the Morichal Largo River, and our transfer back to Maturín and beyond.

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