Choroni – Henri Pittier National Park.

Imagine this…

Wake early in the morning to radiant sunshine and prepare yourself for the day’s activities – all sorts of options are available – brisk walks along the mile long pristine beach of Choroni (lined with palm trees), short hikes into the local rainforest with it’s waterfalls, visit a local coffee plantation, take a boat trip to discover secluded beaches, paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving or just simply spend the day relaxing on the beach. As an aside, dolphin sightings are a regular occurrence along this particular stretch of the Caribbean.

Make this trip a reality

This travel experience is a perfect start, or end, to your adventure holiday in Venezuela – just 3 hours from Caracas. Beautiful pristine beaches, inviting warm waters and beautiful sunsets – a wonderful spot to completely relax after a long trip or one of our special tours. The local food is also worth the trip – great seafood dinners and exotic local cocktails.


  • Crystal clear water of the Caribbean
  • Pristine beaches lined with palm trees
  • Cocoa and sugar cane plantations
  • Snorkeling
  • Dolphin watching
  • Delicious local seafood
  • Selected accommodations with swimming pool
  • Approximately 3 hours from Caracas airport
Trip Summary
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